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Do As the Romans?

Posted on May 29, 2012 at 7:15 PM

“Do As the Romans?”

By OnWord Christian Ministries © May 2012


“When in Rome, do as the Romans”

Is how the phrase is known.

But has anyone stopped to ponder

Where is glorious Rome?


At the pinnacle of her greatness

She boasted of power & might

Never dreaming possible

She would fall from her great height.


Her arrogance had her blinded,

Which led to her demise

Godless & hedonistic

Doing “right” in her own eyes.


Fornication & debauchery

Were seen as commonplace

She delighted in her lewdness

And paraded her disgrace.


All worship was embraced

Especially the god of excess

Token prayers were lifted heavenward

Deceived that she was blessed.


Why does this sound so familiar?

Same song, but now different verse.

We’re fat and happy like Rome was

Denying, we, too will be cursed.


We’re drunk on perceived prosperity

“God is smiling,” we foolishly think

When we’re really wretched & poor

As we reach for another drink.


Mock if you will, but Rome

Was also busy laughing

Distracted by lust & their “everyday stuff”

Unaware of what was happening.


America the beautiful

God shed His grace on thee

Yet you’ve denied your God

And turned to harlotry.


America, once beautiful

God’s wrath will swiftly come

Your lovers will soon betray you

And like Rome, you’ll be undone.